The „Bundesverband der Pharmazeutisch-Technischen-AssistentInnen – BVpta e.V.“ (=Association of pharmaceutical Assistants) is a professional association. We are the strongest special interest group for everyone who has completed an examination to a certified PTA (pharmaceutical technical assistant) or is still conducting the apprenticeship.

Our Members mainly work in public pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, service provider companies and research, public service, as PTA-schoolteacher or as self-employed person.

Our target is an ongoing advancement of the PTA profession and the occupational image. Therefore, we constantly pursue the following measures:

  1. Initiatives, representation and applications towards employers and also legislators on a national and international basis.
  2. Boost the professional self-conception.
  3. Development of specific programs on further education (life-long learning).
  4. Regular exchange within internal circles of experts and at regional activities.
  5. Conduction of targeted media relations and public relations.
  6. Exchange of experiences with other stakeholders within the public health sector.
  7. Cooperation with pharmaceutical sponsors and promoters.

Our profession is as powerful as the community which builds our association. The general assembly (annual general meeting) – as the most important institution of the association – elects the executive committee which operated inwards and outwards in terms of this mission statement.

We are a dynamic association due to the initiatives of our members as well as the constant exchange of ideas. This guarantees a sustainable process of advancement and improvement.

We face up to the continuous change of health care and social policy and the challenges involved by innovative advancements.

We accomplish our interests actively, cooperatively and success-orientated. We participate regularly in pharmaceutical trade fairs and discussion forums.

Due to current information and continuous dialog our members are encouraged to participate actively in all political and operational tasks of our association.

Our communication behavior is characterized by colleagueship and transparency.

Our way of working guarantees availability to key persons and immediate feedback.

Our office performs a member-orientated service and professional law consultation. The office coordinates all internal and external activities as well as specific working groups.

The „BVpta Bildungsgesellschaft“ (our own company for further education) offers qualified and modern training by theoretical and practical seminars as well as by e-learning and printed training courses.

Important and latest information on our association is provided regularly on our internet portal, in our newsletter and publications and our professional journal.

Consultancy and offers on specific retirement arrangement are provided by our BVpta insurance management to all our members.

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